Here are the List of Earthbending Skill List. All Earthbenders can use this as a reference for their Character Page's Skill List.

Standard EarthbendingEdit

Name of Technique Description
Move and Stop a Rock An earthbender's ability to move and stop a rock.
Earth Shield A levitated slab of rock can also double as a shield when positioned in front of a bender.
Earth Column Forcing columns of rock out of the ground. It can be used to shield the bender against Semi Offensive Techniques.
Giant Earth Shield A much bigger version of the Earth Shield. It works good against Firebending and Airbending Techniques.
Earth Armor Earthbenders can bring rocks, dusts, pebbles, or crystals around them and mold them to fit their body and create something similar to armor.
Earth Compression Earthbenders can compress large chunks of rock into smaller, denser chunks, or to compress several smaller chunks into one big piece of rock.
Earth Line Earthbenders can create a line of twisted columns and propel it forward.
Earth Smash Earthbenders can easily destroy rocks and boulders with punches and kicks.
Earth Sink Earthbenders can forcibly sink their opponents into the ground, imprisoning them.
Earth Magnitude Earthbenders can create a small magnitude that can repel their opponents for a short time. It can also damage the opponent due to the shaky environment.
Earth Tunneling Earthbenders can move through the earth to out-maneuver their foes either by opening tunnels or by pulling the earth past them, literally swimming through the ground.
Earth Material Manipulation Earthbending is not limited to rock or soil alone. An earthbender can also manipulate coal, gems, crystals, and other earth-based materials, like meteorites and jennamite.
Rock Hanging Earthbenders also possess limited magnetic capabilities, allowing them to grasp vertical surfaces and cling unsupported to earthen structures.
Earth Launch can quickly move rock beneath them and launch them several tens of feet into the air, whether to catch airborne opponents or to travel faster.
Earth Mannequin An earthbender with a decent grasp of sculpting can cause human-like figures to sprout out of the ground and slide from place to place.
Earth Block Earthbenders can bring up blocks of earth and launch them at their enemies.
Earth Gauntlet A much less advanced version of earth armor that can be used to throw back opponents with hard solid force.
Rock Slide If an earthbender is near a cliff or mountain, he or she can cause many rocks of a multitude of sizes to rain down on his or her opponent.
Earth Shelter This can be used by earthbenders to create a shelter or dome which can provide an instant shelter in the wilderness. This can also trap your opponents.
Water Filtering When working in concert with a waterbender, an earthbender can purify polluted water.
Earth Extender An earthbender have the ability to extend a rock formation into a longer one, For example, there is a gap in a stone bridge. An earthbender can force a layer of rock out from a rock formation and connect it to the other one.
Earth Levitation A Basic Skill. An Earthbender can levitate stones and rock from the ground.
Earth Trembler An Earthbender has the ability to shake rock formations with the combinations of slapping or grabbing movements.
Earth Pillar An Earthbender has the ability to send a continuous wave of short pillars toward the opponents by stomping on the ground.

Advanced EarthbendingEdit

Name of Technique Description
Quicksand Earthbenders can turn the ground to quicksand to immobilize an enemy, or to create a soft landing for themselves if they fall from a height.
Dust Cloud By shaking the ground back and forth, earthbenders can create dust clouds of various size to provide cover.
Earth Wave High level earthbenders can create a wave of earth to ride on and use it as a form of transportation.
Earth Bomb By sending a rock towards the ground, earthbenders can cause massive damage as well as throw their opponents off their feet.
Remote Earthbending If an earthbender is suspended from the ground, but is aware that there is earth somewhere near, the earthbender can focus his energies and bend that earth out of his physical reach out of sheer concentration.
Greater Earth Levitation With the greater power and stronger connection to the earth, Master Earthbenders can move hill-sized statues with sheer and strong concentration.
Earth Bullets An Earthbender can disintegrated a compressed rock or stone and shot its shrapnel-like fragments with great speed, in a machine gun-like fashion.
Sandbending Earthbenders use earthbending in a specialized style, which emphasizes the manipulation of sand.
Mudbending The Earthbenders have the ability to bend the earth present in the mud.
Seismic Sense A technique originally developed by the blind badgermoles, skilled earthbenders are able to sense vibrations through the ground, "seeing" by sensing their surroundings and making a mental image of it. It allows for a 360 degree field of "vision", outside of normal line-of-sight.