Welcome to Gaoling!


Gaoling is a large town located within a mountain range in the southern Earth kingdom. An old, well-established town, Gaoling has a broad spectrum of people residing in it, ranging from the very rich to the very poor.

Gaoling lies in a valley with steep rock hillsides surrounding it. Most of the citizens inside the town are middle class people whose families have lived in the town for many generations. On the outskirts of the town are very large, expansive estates where the wealthiest families live.

Notable Locations
  • Earth Rumble Stadium:
Earth Rumble 6

The Earth Rumble Stadium is a large underground wrestling stadium also known as Earth Rumble VI. It consists of a large rectangular stone platform for earthbenders to battle on. Around this are rows of seats for spectators. The stadium is lit with glowing green gemstones hanging on the ceiling. Residents pay admission to see powerful earthbending masters battle it out in the ring.