Hey there! Wanna be part of our community? Then read the following instructions of how you can be an awesome contributor!


  1. Create a character! How? Just go here: Forum:Proving and write a short bio of your character and wait to be Proved.
  2. Create a Character Page! Just press "Contribute" on the top-right corner of the screen. Choose Blank Layout and fill it with Info such as History, Personality and Appearance.
  3. Find a Teacher! Got Proved and have a character page? Then find a Bending Teacher to teach you how to bend your element. For example: Martin Jones got proved as a Waterbender. He will travel to the Foggy Swamp Tribe and learn Waterbending. There are varieties of Schools around the world ready to teach Bending to new characters.
  4. Learn your Art! Now that you found a teacher, learn the elements via step by step and be a powerful Bender!
  5. Arrange your Skills List! Now that you learned the basics to Bending, you can now arrange your Battle Skills. In order to learn Battle Skills, you must earn a scroll by graduating from your school course. For example: Master Fung's Earthbending Academy. Course 1: Basic Earthbending Prize: Earthbending Certificate and a Rock Shield Skill Scroll.
  6. Got your skills? Start your Mission! Missions, when completed, will earn you rewards such as new skills and passes to different locations in the world such as Omashu, Gaoling and many more!
  7. Practice your Bending! Now that your are a travelling Mission guy, You can practice your bending so that you can be a much powerful bender.
  8. Now a Powerful Bender? Then you have options to join a Bending Competition or the Army! Joining either will give you benefits.
  9. Now a successful Bender? Start a Family! Interact with other user character's and engage them to marriage! Remember: You cannot force a user to have his/her character like yours. You must forge your way and have them marry you.
  10. Now have a family? Then buy a house! Of course, in the starting points, we will provide you with a free house and supplies. By doing missions, you can earn a coupon which can give you more benfits. For example: You finsihed a Mission and got you a Bronze House Coupon which is equivalent to a Bungalow House upgrade. Silver Coupons are equivalent to a Two Story House, Gold is equivalent to a Two Story House with a Roofdeck, A Platinum Coupon is equivalent to a Three Story Large House and a Diamond Coupon is equivalent to a Three Story Mansion.

Special User GuideEdit

  1. The User Level Up will start for you the minute you join the wiki. Every week that you have actively Roleplayed in our wiki, you will level up to a next level which can unlock more features for you. Here are the Level Guidelines:

Entry Level - You start at this point. This level grants you a character spot.

Level One - This level grants you two character spots and permission to do Missions.

Level Two - This level grants you four character spots and permission to travel the world apart from doing Missions.

Level Three - This level grants you six character spots and permission to create a Minor Character such as a Great Divide Tour Guide, Kyoshi Warrior, Terra Team Member, Member of the Rough Rhinos, the Dai Li and more.

Level Four - This level grants you eight character spots and four Minor character spots.

Level Five: This level grants you ten character spots and infinite Minor Character Spots.

Rollback Level - Once you become a Rollback, it gives you more benefits. It grants you permission to create a Teacher for a School, Captain of Ships, Leaders of the Army or even high ranking officials such as member of the Council of Five, General of the Army, Chief of the Water Tribe and member of the Air Nomads Council of Monks.

Administrator Level - Once you become an admin, we will give you permission to create a Guru Character, Share the use of the Avatar with the Bureaucrats, Create a Fire Lord Character, King of Omashu Character or an Earth King Character.

2. Also, by achieving specific amounts of edits, you may earn a Spirit.

Bronze Spirit - By Achieving 500 Edits in the Wiki. This gives you a special Skill Scroll. For Water: Ice Claws, For Earth: The Earth Gauntlet, For Fire: The Fire Daggers and For Air: The Air Scooter.

Silver Spirit - By Achieving 1,000 Edits in the Wiki. This gives you permission to teach your character how to either Metalbend, Cloudbend, Soundbend or Plantbend

Gold Spirit - By achieving 2,000 Edits in the Wiki. This gives you permission to teach your character how to either Lightningbend, Bloodbend or Redirect Lightning.

Platinum Spirit - By Achieving 5,000 Edits in the Wiki.

Diamond Spirit - By Achieving 10,000 Edits in the Wiki.

Rainbow Spirit - By Achieving 20,000 Edits in the Wiki.

Avatar Spirit - By Achieving 30,000 Edits in the Wiki.