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Great Divide Canyon Guide
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born January 8, 1994
Family Jason Sunderson (deceased, father), Marrisa Sunderson (mother), Merryrose Sunderson (maternal aunt)
Status Alive, Single
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Orange
Height 5' 11"
Affiliation The Earth Kingdom, The Great Divide
Weapons Earth
Bending Ability Earthbending

Missions None


Jarold -Earthbender
-Great Divide Tour Guide

 – 02:14, April 24, 2012 (UTC)

Hello There. My name is Jarold Sunderland.

Jarold Sunderson is an Earthbender born in the Earth Kingdom City of Omashu. He was a son of a late Master Earthbender named Jason and a simple house - wife named Marissa.

Early LifeEdit

Jarold Sunderson is born on January 7, 1994 to a Master Earthbender, Jason Sunderson and a house - wife, Marissa Sunderson. Jarold learned Earthbending at the age of five thought by his own father. He then continued to prove his skills with his father's guidelines. At his age of seven, the City of Omashu was trapped in a terrible feud against the Fire Nation and was supposed to be colonised. His father fought in the feud and was able to Repel the Fire Nation forces. But too bad, his father was killed in the process.

Teenage LifeEdit

Jarold and his mother moved out to the town of Gaoling for a better and peaceful life. Jarold found a school called "Master Fung's Academy" and decided to learn from there. Her mother worked as a marketplace vendor assistant trying to gain money to support her son's tuition fee. Jarold was able to finish the course of "Utility Earthbending" when her mother was diagnosed to Cancer. At age 14, Jarold was forced to work at the marketplace hoping to support his mother's therapy at the hospital. At age 17, his aunt, Merryrose decided to live with Jarold and his mother to take care of his sister. Merryrose stated that with her taking care of his mother, Jarold can go on a far place where he can have a decent job to support his studies. Jarold wandered far and decided to become a tour guide in the Great Divide due to his Earthbending Capabilities.


Pay Days: Every 15th and 30th day of a Month.

15th Day Salary: 20 Silver Pieces

30th Day Salary: 10 Gold Pieces


  • A Uniform of the Great Divide Canyon Guide
  • Great Divide Navigational Map
  • A Pair of Binoculars
  • 100 Meters of Climbing Rope
  • A Pair of Gloves
  • Great Divide Canyon Guide Badge
  • A Pair of Boots
  • His Family Picture (with his father)

Skill ListEdit

  • Move and Stop a Rock
  • Earth Column
  • Earth Shield
  • Earth Armor
  • Earth Compression
  • Earth Smash
  • Earth Tunneling
  • Rock Slide
  • Earth Extender
  • Earth Magnitude
  • Earth Trembler
  • Earth Levitation
  • Earth Pillars