These are the list of jobs available for every nation. Some jobs require you a certain position on the wiki.

Water Tribe

Higher Level Jobs

  • Tribe Chief (Rollback and up)
  • Leader of Waterbending Army (Rollback and up)
  • Leader of Water Tribe Warriors (Rollback and up)
  • Waterbending Teacher (Rollback and up)
  • Ship Captain (Rollback and up)
  • Hunt Leader (Rollback and up)
  • Head Healer (Rollback and up)

Lower Level Jobs

  • Hunter
  • Warrior
  • Waterbender
  • Merchant (of any field i.e. fish or meat)
  • Cook
  • Sailor
  • Healer
  • Business owner (of any profession)
  • Worker (of any profession)

Earth Kingdom

Higher Level Jobs

  • Earth King (Admin only)
  • King of Omashu (Admin only)
  • Leader of Dai Li (Admin only)
  • Leader of Terra Team (Admin only)
  • Leader of Earthbending Army (Rollback and up)
  • Leader of Ba Sing Se Warriors (Rollback and up)
  • Leader of Warriors of Omashu (Rollback and up)
  • Head of Infirmary (Rollback and up)
  • Leader of Kyoshi Warriors (Rollback and up)

Lower Level Jobs

  • Business owner (of any profession)
  • Merchant (of any field i.e. fish or vegetables)
  • Infirmary worker
  • Dai Li agent
  • Kyoshi Warrior
  • Terra Team member (Rollback and up)
  • Earthbender
  • Warrior of Ba Sing Se
  • Warrior of Omashu
  • Cook
  • Worker (of any profession)

Fire Nation

Higher Level Jobs

  • Fire Lord (Admin only)
  • Fire Lady (Rollback and up)
  • Fire Prince (Level 5)
  • Fire Princess (Level 5)
  • General of the Army (Admin only)
  • Navy Admiral (Admin only)
  • Leader of Imperial Firebenders (Rollback only)

Lower Level Jobs


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