Lilianne Sunshield
Southern Tribe Waterbender
(This Character Belongs to MoonOwl)

Lily was born to a rich family in the Northern Water Tribe. When she turned thirteen she learned that she was betrothed to someone she doesn't even know, she ran away from her home. She ended up in the Foggy Swamp. There, she learned survival and waterbending taught by the natives for two years and became a great waterbender when she's pressured into a fight. She treasured the environment. She's an environmentalist after leaving the swamp. She never went back to the Northern Water Tribe and just stayed in the Southern Water Tribe where her grandma (the aunt of her mother) lives and sheltered her for years. There, she had no worries at all.
About Lily:
Gender Female
Status Alive
Home Southern Water Tribe
Weapons Waterbender
Loyalty Herself
Parents Mother and Father
Height 5'\6"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Lily is a skilled waterbender.
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|Feelings |- | |Parents |Hate them so much! |}

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