Lotus Zhou
Southern Tribe Waterbender
(This Character Belongs to Ruby)

Lotus was born on December 2, 1995. She was raised by a non-bending mother and a waterbending father. They were originally from the Northern water tribe, but her parents had relocated to the South shortly after Lotus was born. Lotus grew up happy, and she had a great childhood, wanting for nothing. Her parents were not wealthy, but they were not poor either, and always managed to get along fine. Lotus made a plethora of friends, and she thought she had all she needed in life.

When she started to get older, at the age of about six, she started noticing her bending abilities growing. Her father had always suspected, and when Lotus saved one of her friends from falling into a river, he became sure. Lotus was a waterbender, just like him. He began training her, and she grew adept in her ability. She loved practicing and quickly gained control over her abilities.

Lotus remained in the Southern Water Tribe for another 10 years or so, helping out her community and family whenever possible. However, she became restless, wanting to explore more of the world. Her parents were hesitant, thinking she was too young. But Lotus was adamant, and her parents grudgingly agreed that they would allow her some more freedom.

About Lotus:
Gender Female
Status Alive and single
Home Southern Water Tribe
Weapons Waterbender
Loyalty Herself, the water tribe
Parents Mother and Father
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color: Dark

Lotus is a quite girl, except when provoked. She has a strong sense of morality and right and wrong, and is loyal to those she trusts. She is not opposed to having fun, but has a serious side and knows when things cross the line. She is not shy, per se, but is slightly suspicious when meeting new people.
Lotus is a skilled waterbender.
Name Relation Feelings
Parents I love them, but they hold me back too much.