Welcome to Master Fung's Earthbending Academy! If you wish to be an Earthbender, then you've come to the right place.

Courses I offerEdit

Basic EarthbendingEdit

Cost: None

Benefits: You will know how to Earthbend and learn how to Move, Stop and Levitate a rock and

Process Days: 1 - 3 Days.

Rewards for Graduation: Earth Shield Skill Scroll

Learning Defensive Earthbending TechniquesEdit

Cost: 5 Silver Pieces

Benefits: You will learn Defensive Earthbending Techniques such as Earth Column, Giant Earth Shield, Earth Armor and Earth Compression.

Process Days: 1 Week (Note: While your character is under school, you cannot roleplay them on Missions and other locations.)

Rewards for Graduation: None.

Fairly Offenseive Earthbending TechniquesEdit

Cost: 10 Silver Pieces

Benefits: You will learn Offensive Earthbending Techniques such as Earth Line, Earth Smash, Earth Sink and an Earth Magnitude.

Process Days: 1 Week and 2 Days.

Rewards for Graduation: None.

Utility Earthbending TechniquesEdit

Cost: 1 Gold Piece

Benefits: You will learn Utility Techniques such as Earth Tunneling, Earth Material Manipulation (Crystal, Jennamite and no other more), Rock Hanging, Earth Launch and Earth Mannequin.

Much Defensive Earthbending TechniquesEdit

Cost: 3 Gold Pieces

Notes: You must complete the "Learning Defensive Earthbending Techniques" course and complete at least 5 missions.

Benefits: You will learn how to use the Crystal Armor, Earth Wall and Improvised earth Shield.

Process Days: 2 Weeks

Much Offensive Earthbending TechniquesEdit

Cost: 3 Gold Pieces

Notes: You must complete the "Fairly Offensive Earthbending Techniques" Course in order to enroll for this course as well as completing Five Missions.

Benefits: You will learn techniques such as Earth Strip, Earthquake, Boulder, Earth Divider and Earth Bomb.

Process Days: 2 Weeks.


Enrollee Course Tuition Fee Approval
Example: Martin Jones Basic Earthbending Free But I believe... You can save the world 08:42, April 23, 2012 (UTC)


(All Classes will be roleplayed here.)

Basic EarthbendingEdit

Defensive Earthbending TechniquesEdit

Fairly Offensive Earthbending TechniquesEdit

Utitlity EarthbendingEdit

Much Defensive Earthbending TechniquesEdit

Much Offensive Earthbending TechniquesEdit