The Ice Temple

Northern WT Temple


The Ice Temple is a large structure built on top the highest tier of the capitol city and is the most recognizable landmark. In here, the Chief ____ sits and makes decisions regarding the Tribe.


Chief ____ and his wife, ____ reside in the Ice Temple in the Biggest Room located at the 4th Floor. The Rooms of the Prince and the Princess is located in the 5th Floor. The Rooms of the Ministers will be found on the 3rd Floor while the Leader of the Army's room is located on the top floor, the sixth floor.

Locations Within the Ice Temple

The Kitchen The Kitchen is located on the Second Floor. The Cooks prepare the food of the Chief, his family and other residents of the Ice Temple Here.

The Dining Hall The Dining Hall is where the residents of the Ice Temple eat their meals.

The Courtroom/Meeting Room The Courtroom is located on the Second Floor. It is where the Chief and the Ministers sort out trials among the city. This room also serves as the Meeting Room as where the Chief, Ministers, The Leader of the Army as well as the Chief's Family conduct meetings regarding the welfare of the city.

The Throneroom/Receiving Room The Throneroom is where the residents of the Ice Temple sit during the day (except for the Leader of the Army which patrols the city). This also serves as the Receiving Room where the residents of the city can talk to the Chief and other leaders of the Northern Water Tribe.


All the Roleplays will be conducted here.

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