Welcome to the Soldier Barracks!

The Soldier Barracks serves as a Training facility to the warriors of the Northern Water Tribe.

Users of the Facility

Leader of the ArmyEdit



Weaponry AreaEdit

This is where the Warriors create or improvise theire weapons. There is also a Tool Shed and a stock of Copper, Metal, Silver, Gold, Whale Bones and such for their wepons.

Duel ArenaEdit

Created mainly for the purpose of training the battle skills of the warriors by facing each other. This Duel Arena is known to raise strength, might and bravery of the warriors.

Spear RangeEdit

The Spear Range is a training facility which hones the skills of a warrior as a spearman. By using spears, the spearmen can directly practice his skills by simple targeting the circle points located at the ends, corners and the ceiling of the facility. They can also practice it on dummies.

Accuracy Training FacilityEdit

The Accuracy Training Facility hones the accuracy of the warriors. Using a variety of throwing weapons as well as bows and arrows, Warrior can use the facility to hone their accuracy. An archery range is located here as well as dummies with target points that the warriors can practice with.


Weaponry AreaEdit

Duel ArenaEdit

Spear RangeEdit

Accuracy Training ArenaEdit