Welcome to the Omashu Royal Palace!


The Omashu Royal Palace is located on the very top of Omashu. This is where the King, Queen, Princes and Princesses of Omashu live. This is also where the king, queen and consuls hold meetings regarding important matters of the city like finance, military, law, city projects and interrelationships with other nations and Earth Kingdom cities.


The King,_____; Queen, ____, Princes and Princesses reside in the Royal Palace. The King and Queen of Omashu sleeps at the fifth floor of the palace while the princes and princesses are on the third floor. The consuls and generals of earthbending and non-earthbending army also live here. Their quarters are found at the fourth floor.

Locations within The Palace

The Kitchen - Where the cooks cook the food of the residents of the palace.

The Dining Hall - Where the residents of the palace (including the servants and workers) eat. It is long and big enough to fit them all.

The Courtroom & Meeting Room - Where the King and Queen, consuls and generals talk about important things regarding the city and the outside borders. This is also where consuls pass judgment to a convict or witness.

The Throne Room/Receiving Room - Where the Royal Family sits when there is a guest to greet them.

The Ballroom - Where the palace holds its parties and celebrations.


Roleplays will be conducted here.


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