The Royal Plaza


The Royal Plaza is one of the most heavily guarded locations at the Fire Nation Capital. Numerous battlements and storages of weapons, machinery, men and war animals are kept within the walls of the plaza. This is also where the Royal Family convey their speeches to the people of the Fire Nation. This is where the military prepare for battle. The Royal Plaza serves as the capital's main line of defense.

Residents & Possessions
There are rooms of soldiers within the walls of the Plaza. There are also rooms for the komodo rhinos when they are not used. There are also small bunkers inside the walls for storage of weapons, machinery or soldiers.

Locations within the Royal Plaza

The Harbor - where naval ships and other means of transportation via the sea land and anchor.

Battlements - where soldiers stay when the plaza is invaded or attacked. Inside the battlements are different kinds of weapons and artillery.

Plaza Tower - where the Royal Family convey their messages to the people.

Small Bunkers - where military weapons, armor, machinery, animals and men are kept.

Entrance to Capital - gates leading to the Fire Nation Capital which is located in a dormant volcano.

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