MapLTemplate This character is currently at Eastern Air Temple. You can only talk to her if you are at the same location.
Air Bender
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born November 25th
Family Jiro (father)

Lilo (mother)

Status Alive, In Training
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5' 5"
Affiliation Eastern Air Temple, Air Nomads
Weapons Air
Bending Ability Airbending

Missions ---


Tanya -Airbender
-Air Rider

 – What you see now is all Illusions

OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm starting the second phase of my airbending training!! Yay!!


Tanya was born in November 25, 1998 to a male airbender named Jiro and a female airbender named Lilo. She was born in the Eastern Air Temple where she resided later on in the future. A few days after her birth, Jiro left them to return to the Northern Air Temple to continue his duties as a monk. Tanya grew up to be a wonderful child, smart, intellectual and kind. She is mostly peaceful and quiet but sometimes also becomes so outgoing. At age 6, Tanya was seen airbending in a courtyard which fascinated her mother and decided to take her under her "wings". Her mother became her teacher ever since.



Tanya has long brown hair (Though she has short hair before). She wears the female Airbender Uniform. She wears the long sleeved yellow shirt and the orange air fluffs. She also wears yellow leggings and orange boots. She has black colored eyes and has a slim body build.


She is eager and is very determined to master Airbending. Though she just started training, she has strong willpower and is quick and has high agility. She can easily blend in with other people as she is a quick learner. She can also easily dodge and evade attacks as part of her Airbending Training.