The User Level Up will start for you the minute you join the wiki. Every week that you have actively roleplayed in our wiki, you will level up to a next level which can unlock more features for you. Here are the Level Guidelines:

Entry Level - You start at this point. This level grants you a character spot.

Level One - This level grants you two character spots and means you have been here at least one week. It gives you permission to go on Missions.

Level Two - This level grants you four character spots and means you have been here for two weeks. It gives you permission to travel the world apart from doing Missions.

Level Three - This level grants you six character spots and permission to create a Minor Character such as a Great Divide Tour Guide, Kyoshi Warrior, Terra Team Member, Member of the Rough Rhinos, the Dai Li and more.It also means you have been here for over three weeks now!

Level Four - This level grants you eight character spots and four Minor character spots. It means you have been here for four weeks.

Level Five: This level grants you ten character spots and infinite Minor Character Spots.It also means you have been here for five weeks or more.

Rollback Level - Once you become a Rollback, it gives you more benefits. It grants you permission to create a Teacher for a School, Captain of Ships, Leaders of the Army or even high ranking officials such as member of the Council of Five, General of the Army, Chief of the Water Tribe and member of the Air Nomads Council of Monks.

Administrator Level - Once you become an admin, we will give you permission to create a Guru Character, Share the use of the Avatar with the Bureaucrats, Create a Fire Lord Character, King of Omashu Character or an Earth King Character.

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