Hello! I'm MoonOwl. Now, enough introduction!

For the betterment of the wiki, I pledge my loyalty here and help make this wiki a favorable one. Read below of what I may be of help. . .

1. I can help in the proving forum if it's okay.

2. I know coding so I can help with making templates.

3. I'll make the policies if that's okay.

4. I can think of some possible activities we can have in the wikia both in character and out of character.

5. I may upload some pics for the sake of the wiki.

6. I'll edit and add some stuffs here if that's okay with you guys.

All of this I may offer if approved and had a permission. I would like to make this wiki a better place as what's hip and happening now is none other than the Legend Of Korra!

Now, as for the utilities in the wikia:

1. Why don't we have a Character or User Coding Page so that users may have their user pages or character's pages a stylish outlook?

2. Why don't we have a page called Customizing Signatures so that users who don't know how to make his or her sig stylish, we may be of help to them or perhaps we could add something at it or make a new one?

3. Why don't we tell all the users to put a link in their user page the link to their characters and the characters should also have a link to their owner.

4. Why not make a Time Zone page as all of us live in many parts o the country which makes it easier for us to know the time in their country.

5. What about making a page called The Yard of Images for the donated pics users may want to give which will help users.


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